Alpine Climbing and Mountaineering 

Do you want to climb a major peak in the Alps as your next challenge - maybe Mont Blanc (4810m), Monte Rosa (4634m) or other Swiss 4000m peaks ? Rob's carefully structured Alpine Mountaineering weeks - 6 full days of climbing - will give you the skills and the guidance you need to reach your goal.

Depending on your target, you will be based in either the popular Chamonix Valley or the quieter Swiss mountains, staying in high mountain huts to maximise your time with Rob.  

Plenty of time is allowed for acclimatisation, starting on lower peaks and progressing over the days, before you take on your ultimate challenge at high altitude. 


Technical Alpine Climbing

Have you cut your teeth on Winter Climbing in Scotland and perhaps already climbed Mont Blanc? Then it's time to move on to the challenge of technical Alpine Climbing.  

From the Frendo Spur (D) on the Aiguille du Midi to the Walker Spur on Grandes Jorasses (ED1) and every grade in between, Rob will choose routes to match your skill and ambition to give you a truly memorable alpine experience. Over the week you will tackle up to 6 climbs of increasing technicality

Subject to availability, mountain conditions and weather, you can book Rob at short notice for two or three days to tackle a specific route.

Guide Ratio 1:1


Chamonix - Mont Blanc 4810m

During this week you will climb several peaks which may include:

  • Peaks of the Aiguille Rouge (2800m)
  • Aiguille du Tour (3554m)
  • Petit Fourche (3520m).

Your week will culminate in the ascent of Mont Blanc  by either

  • Traverse of the Northeast Ridge via Mont Maudit and Mont Blanc du Tacul, or
  • the classic route via the Dome de Gouter

Guide Ratio 1:4 (3 days), 1:2 (3 days)

 Mont Blanc summit approach from Dome de Gouter



Mont Blanc from just before Col de la Brenva at around 4300m on the 3 Monts route


 Zermatt - Monte Rosa 4634m

Switzerland's highest peak is also the second highest in the Alps. On the way to Monte Rosa you will climb several peaks which may include Castor (4228m) and Breithorn (4164m). Guide Ratio 1:2

 Monte Rosa from Breithorn


 Saas Fee - Swiss 4000m Peaks

In the valley to the east of Zermatt is the quiet village of Saas Fee surrounded by 4000m peaks.

You will climb four of these 4000m peaks in one week:

  • Strahlhorn (4190m)
  • Allallinhorn (4027m)
  • Weissmies (4023m)
  • Lagginhorn (4010m)

Guide Ratio 1:3


To discuss your preferred itinerary including available dates and prices, please use the Booking Enquiry Form or email

Please note - all itineraries may be liaible to change at short notice due to weather and mountain conditions. Rob is passionate about the mountains and helping you develop your mountain skills.

You can rest assured that he will do his utmost to ensure you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience in the Alps.


Summer 2017

Available dates:

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Mont Blanc Week 

  Ladder over crevasse Mt Blanc du Tacul


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Aiguille du Dru from Grands Montets


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