Seasonal greetings and salutations, now if your wondering what’s been keeping occupied over the last few months cast your eyes on the trio of Strat-tastic beauties, one from each decade, which decades ??? I’ll let you work that one out, answers on a post card.

Well we’ve had an interesting start to the winter season, with some quite good short lived conditions in Scotland, now back to milder weather.

The Alps have had early season snow falls, and friend have been out and about skiing some of the higher resorts and peaks.

Plans for the next few months, a mix of rope access and guiding, have a week long trip to Morocco at the end of Jan, with the potential of another week to follow. The usual Scottish winter action after that, just firming up some dates. I then have a play time trip to Kalymnos in March, first time there, friends have been going for years and each time they have bugged me to go, I’ve given in and a spot of sun will be a welcome change. A possible quick 3 week hit to Alaska in early June, then head out the Alps around 21st/22nd June.

Thank you one and all for your company on many a trip over the past year.

I hope you’ve all had a fab year and have achieved all your goals for the year, have a great Xmas and an even better new year, stay safe.

Will keep you posted as and when.