Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends, step inside, step inside, step inside.

So this was supposed to be a Mont Blanc 3 day for me and the team, but ended up more like Gene Kelly or Ernie Wise.

The forecast was a shocker for the middle of the week, and as per there were a lot of pained faced guides wandering the streets of Cham looking for inspiration, divine or otherwise..

So on Wednesday we drove down the valley and did the Via ferrata above Passy, it was a lot dryer down there and we even had a few sunny spells, short lived as they were. It did go wild later, I stood on my balcony and watched this huge tidal wave like cloud just come thundering up the valley, like a scene from Dante’s inferno.

Thursday: Myself Robin Beadle and the boys, went and climbed / scrambled up a route called the Via Corda Alpina, just outside La Praz, its in the latest edition of the Crag Climbs in Chamonix Book, its bolted, not a lot though, sort of moving together type terrain, if dry, with occasional pitch at around 3 or 4c takes about 3 hrs to do with an easy walk back to the valley and if you’re lucky the Buvet will be open at the end of the route. But with water streaming down it and the heavens opening up, in big boots it’s a different kettle of haddock. The guys did really, really well given the conditions, and we did get a fleeting glimpse of a snow plastered Dru and Nant Blanc face.

Friday: Old favourite came to the rescue once more, hoooorrah. Traverse of the Crochues, very cloudy, but dry, quite busy as well, with some very interesting rope work/ coils/ and dropping ski pole action going…..we ducked and dived and managed to get past all the fun and frolics. We took cramp’s and axes but didn’t use them, just a wee bit of snow up to the col, but you can miss it on the rock to the right.

So all in all bit of a mixed bag weather wise, it’s a scorcher of a week coming up, which will help consolidate the snow more, we have had some big avalanches, one huge one on the left side of the Triangle Du Tacul last early in week, I was caught in the air blast from it on Point Lachenal….

From what I could see today Saturday, there are tracks going up the Blanc from the Gouter Hut, and it looked like there maybe a track on The Tacul, but can’t be sure, I would suggest there will be soon if there aint.

Any road up I need to go and do a food shop, and then go bouldering up at the Col du Montets.

Going to be up and around the Conscrits hut at some point this week so will get back to you later in the week.

Take it easy out there.

P.S.  Sorry no pic’s, camera got wet and refused to work.