Well folks, seems like I'm spending most of my spare time pounding either the fells or Cannock Chase. It's Thursday and already I have spent, since Sunday, a grand total of 9 hrs running this week so far, according to my run diary. Hmmm thats why my legs are sooooo annoyed with me.

Anyroad, they are having rest tomorow as I'm of to the climbing wall (Redpoint, in Birmingham) for a sesh with me big boots on and a heavy sac, just to make life interesting. This is all just for the first trip to Aconcagua. It will all be ramped up another notch for the Everest trip.

The weekend will be spent mountain biking and going on a long walk with rather large and heavy sac. Oh the joy of it all.

As for my weight gain program, well to be honest it aint working. Anyone who knows me will say I'm lean and never put on weight. And they're correct. So any suggestion would be useful, other than beer and pies, thanks.


Well thats it for the moment, off to eat lard and cakes........take it easy out there.