So folks just for your interest and I’ve not got anything better to do, now that its raining here back in the not so sunny UK, thought I’d put together a list of kit that I’ve been using this summer in the Alps. Obviously its all personal to me, so might not suit you, oooh suits your Sir.

Let’s start with the legs.

Haglofs SPEED Pants: Soft shell, wind proof on the front, not so much on the back, quite stretchy, slim fit down the leg, reinforced instep. Great for colder conditions, used them on Toubkal this winter just gone, but a bit too much for the lower level hotter conditions. I love em they fit me really well, both on the waist and leg length.

Arcteryx Hybrid Pants: As the name suggests they are a mix of fabrics, very lightweight not that grunty, good for warm/hot conditions, good fit on me, straight leg, some stretch.

On the top half it’s been a mixed bag of Jackets -

Haglofs Fin Hoody: Soft shell light weight, wind stopper fabric, full stretch throughout. Not much in the way of thermal properties, contrary to what Haglofs suggest. But a great fit, I went for a small, yeah right, but can still get a couple of warmish layers on underneath.

Quechua soft shell gilet: old fave of mine and still doing the bizz after 2 years use.

A mix of Marmot and Haglofs thermal tops, some Merino wool combo’s

Haglofs Essens down jacket as light insulation, if standing around, or on the Blanc.

Rab Generator Synthetic fill Vest, old fave again and still going strong.

Montane Event waterproof lightweight jacket which I don’t think they make anymore. It’s done a few seasons now and is going to be retired and replaced for next year. I’ve just got a Haglofs SPITZ 2 jacket so will let you know how that performs.

Gloves: well to be honest I ain’t even going to go there. With gloves, as we all know there really is no such thing as the perfect glove. Thin, medium, thick, there you go, easy………….

Hardware: the same as above. For those folks who were with me this summer you know I have a mixed bag of ropes, different lengths and diameters, and a mixed bag of a rack, there’s enough info out there, so do your research and its all very personal as well. Same goes for crevasse rescue kit, there are the basics ie. prussic, ropeman, mini traction, a few screw gates one being a DMM REVOLVER, ice screws etc.

Boots have a been a mix of SPORTIVA: TRANGO XTs for scrambling/rock type routes and an old pair of NEPAL EXTREMEs and a pair of BATURAs, sooooo light I loved em. Sportiva boots do fit my feet very, very well. I would also look at Scarpa, but they just don’t fit me as well.

Rucsac: Deuter guide lite 32+ has been with me now for its second season in the Alps, still going strong, they do a gruntier version, but it’s heavier as well. My other sack has been old faithful CRUX AK 47, been using these sacks since they first came out and had a hand in designing them and some of their jackets.

So there you go, it would have been very easy to go into minute details of everything but both you and I would be asleep by now, so it’s just an idea of what I’ve been wearing/using on a daily basis for the last 3 months in the Alps and in a few cases used for last few years.

It’s still looking quite snowy out there, Cham had snow down to 1500 metres, and it’s got colder out there, not much getting done at the moment.

I have a load of Rope Access work over the next few weeks, and poss a trip or two in the pipeline for the New Year, there will of course be the usual Scottish action to look forward to, and various rock trips as well. Just got the guide book for LUXEMBOURG, BERDORF, looks gooooooood.

So folks, THANKS again for all your support over the summer, have a great autumn and stay tuned.