Well folks it has been a long time.........hasn’t it.

Hope you’ve all had a good and safe start to the new year,long may it continue. This is just a quick update of my movements during February and March, 2015.

I have 3 weeks mountaineering and climbing in Morocco during Feb and March, and its looking good. They have had lots of snow, far more than the Alps at one point; the skiing will be fantastic, the ice is forming and some of the big mixed routes are starting to get their act together. I just hope it doesn’t all get buried with more snow falls. I will be working with a local guide Mohamed, who I have worked with a few times before, good company on the hill and knows the area like the back of his hand.

Whilst out in Morocco I will be testing some bits of kit from the following:TRUE MOUNTAIN - an up and coming British company who deal mainly in Merino wool thermal base layers of differing thickness/warmth and also windproof jackets/tops as well as socks. I have a selection of the afore-mentioned items and will be writing a more in depth review when I get back. I may also be testing new clothing from Salewa, famous mainly for their hardware, crampons axes etc....... All the above kit will then go on to be used in the Alps this summer,when I return there this June.

So folks have a great and safe winter out there where ever you are. I will report back,once I return from Morocco with tales of daring do's and tagines.