Just a quick update of what's been done over the past few days. It’s been very hot here in the valley over the past week or so. Bear this in mind when planning your routes, especially if they are mixed or have glacier approaches. The Aigiulles are looking very dry and bare, great for the rock routes.

You can see the track up the Blanc from the Gouter hut as you drive back up the valley, so it’s getting done LOADS..........

10/7/15   Walker Spur, Grand Jorasses, reported to be in good condition, dry rock, great, rock boots all the way, quite dry and loose towards the top in places was mentioned. Descent was down into Italy.

12/7/15   Traverse of La Nonne, glacier approach was ok, route was good.

12/7/15   Traverse of the Dru, Approach across Charpoua glacier ok, broken and quite a few open crevasses. There is a track of sorts going through it. Beware rock fall in the breche Sans Nom.

So that’s about it for the moment.

Be safe, have fun.