Greetings one and all. For the last few weeks I have mostly been wearing orange and mud and looks like I may continue to due so for another month or so.

I’ve been working on a rope access geo job, just outside Sheffield, which is great for getting out on the crags in the evenings. So I have been re-visiting some old haunts and now some new haunts.

Conditions out in the Alps are now starting to look more wintry, with some good ascents over the past month or so, below is a list of what’s been done:

3rd Oct - Beyond Good and Evil on the Pelerins, Andy Perkins, ok/goodish conditions

5th Oct - North face of the Olan, again not bad conditions, one bivi.

21st Oct - Traverse of the Marbrees, good conditions on the approach, rock was dry, a little loose in places. Done from the Torino Hut.

21st Oct - Aig du Midi, Vent du Dragon, thin line, i.e. not very wide, mixed route, but looking good.

Also done on the Aiguilles - The Burnier/Volger in good conditions with a couple of teams on it.

Well I’m back to the mud and the orange and the grit stone edges for a while and then, fingers crossed some skiing action and lots of great Scottish action too.

Hope all’s well with you all, take it easy out there, keep up the training and winter will be here soon.

Oh and a little bit late, but thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the folks lost on Manasalu, including the legendary and very humble Reme Lecluse. YOU are going to be missed.