Lets rock from it the delta to the dmz, Dnang me Dnang me got to get a rope and hang me. Goooooooooood Morning people.


And so my friends, there passes another week out the Alps. It’s been an absolute scorcher, with more heat on the way, and some possible storm action towards the end of the week, keep an eye on that forecast.

This week folks I’ve mainly been losing skin at an alarming rate, down the valley at a FANTATSIC bouldering area called MEDONET.

I will leave you to do the research on this one; there are 3 areas, I’ve had a look at 2 of them, the main one being very, very, very good, a mixed bag of goodies to throw yourself at; good to ok landing in a woodland setting, Tolkienesque in a way, parking for about 5 or 6 cars.


I’m working on a Chamonix Intro next week so will do the do at the end of the week with the usual updates and tales of daring deeds.

Here’s a list of what been done over the past week or so, always bear in mind that these conditions can change and probably will, with all this heat around.

17th Aug - Monta Rosa, Doufourspitze, Good condition, good track, one or two crevasses opening up, descent is good as well.

14th Aug - Traverse of the Meije, in good condition at the moment.

12th Aug - Grand Pillar d’ Angle, DIVINE PROVIDENCE, fantastic effort in good condition at the moment, the 7b pitch being a bit damp and a fair bit of snow on the top ridge leading up to the Blanc. Well done to the 2 Italians who did it, brings back memories.

12th Aug - M.B. du Tacul, good track, crevasses and bergschrund still passable.

There are others, but you can check those out on the guides’ web site.

So there you go short and sweet. Just want to say well done to everyone at this years Bulldog Bash, proved the boys in blue wrong yet again….

Take care out there in them there Mountains, have fun.