Guess who’s back in town. Yeah that’s right……..So what have I been up to in the last few weeks, months.

Well the last month or so has been spent in Scotland, ducking and diving with the weather on the West coast, working for Adventure Peaks. The first couple of courses were Denali skills for Angus, Steve and Paul who are heading out there in a few months time. Having lived in Talkeetna for 18 months a while ago, I guess I have a bit of a feel for the place. The other courses have been Snow and Ice improvers, with Matt from Belfast and Mike, hope the ankle gets well soon Mike.

 We were bouncing around most of Glen Coe, The Ben, Aonach Mor, Ice factor all the usual place, and on the whole found conditions to be good to great, occasionally a bit wet and drippy, but still able to get stuff done.

 Not much in the way of photos I’m afraid as camera is playing up, and nearly ended up being thrown off Ledge Route.

I’m off to Morocco on 25th Feb for 7 days, Jebel Toubkal with 5 people, also with an eye to be running more climbing orientated courses out there for Adventure Peaks next winter. It’s been a while since I was last there, hitched down to Marrakech as a semi innocent (Yeah Right !!!!!) 17 year old, so it will be good to get back and suss the place out.

Booking for the Alps this summer are slowly rolling in, will be interesting to see how the Olympics affect them.

So Folks that’s about it, I still reckon we have plenty of winter action left for us all to play on, up North. If you’re heading that way or wherever stay safe and have fun.

Check back in a week or so’s time for Moroccan Madness blog and pics.