Rob Wills, our resident International Mountain Guide and man of mystery, will be leading two major expeditions in 2010.

The first trip to Aconcagua, in Argentina, is already underway.
The team of eleven flew out on January 28th and they're currently walking in to base camp. The team includes ex-British International rugby player Josh Lewsey. You can read an article about Josh's mountaineering plans at The Telegraph. Cerro Aconcagua, at 6962m is the highest peak in the world outside of the Himalayas. Several of the team are using it as a training peak before they attempt Everest with Rob in April/May.

On April 3rd, five members from the above team, including Josh, will join Rob and ten other folks for 2 months, to attempt to climb Mt Everest.

Two of the Everest team were with Rob in the Alps this summer, preparing for the trips with training and altitude tips, spending a total of ten days with Rob mainly in the Chamonix valley. Matt Snook and Pete Sunnocks are climbing both peaks for charity, which is the Help the Heroes, check out their website at

Progress Updates
You can follow the progress of both trips as they unfold, either by checking into the Redpoint website or by checking in on the Adventure Peaks news page

Rob returns from Everest on June 10th, and in typical style unpacks, does his washing, then re-packs and drives to the Alps for the summer on June 17th.

You can book a guided course with Rob via Adventure Peaks.