Cairngorms 7th Jan 2011.

Greetings one and all, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the mountains, I’m back......

Had a stroll into the Northen Corries today, quite busy up there, had to park in lower of the car parks, then get bus up to Coire Cas car park, mainly skiers I thought. The walk in wasn’t too bad, bit of a head wind slowed things down and had moved quite a bit of snow around, so the path wasn’t that obvious, the wind was about 15/20 mph which made it feel COOOOOLD......

Sneachda was besieged by folks, below is the list of routes that were getting done.

On the Mess of Pottage the following:

The Message, The Haston Line, The Slant, Hidden Chimney and of course Jacob’s Ladder which has quite a steep finish on it !!!!!!!!!  At least 4 teams on  Jacobs.

Teams also on the following routes:

The Lamp, Doctors Choice, Terms of Endearment, Alladin’s Mirror Direct Start, which was in good condition, short and sweet. Pygmy Ridge, The Runnel , Crotched Gully, Central had loads of spin drift coming down it and sort of did feel a little unstable in there to be honest,  I did have a wee look at it. Fingers Ridge had ascents so did Wavelength and Fluted Buttress Direct.

Teams also on either  Smoke Stack Lightnin or Sterling Bomber, couldn’t quite make out which. Also the Fiacaill Couloir and The Seam and Invernookie.

It also looked like there was a team on Route Major over on Carn Etchachan, and foot prints coming from the top of Stag Rocks, so possibly Afterthought Arete.

Oh and NO snow holes yet in Coire Domhain.

Sorry about lack of pics but some twit, ME, forgot to bring the correct lead along with him!!

The plateau is well covered, folks ski touring all over the place, quite icy and bumpy sort of ice if that makes sense, so a bit of a rattle on your skis and possibly your fillings as well.....

I have to say all looked good, maybe a bit lean on some of the more mixed routes, but all very promising, didn’t get a chance to look into Coire an Lochain, reckon the approaches would have been seriously avalanche prone,  not that I saw any evidence of any whilst out today, but I do stand to be corrected if anybody did spot anything.

I’m off to have a nose around Torridon tomorow, Saturday, so will report in once more Saturday eve, I’m only up here for a few more days, but will be making a few more trips up here over the winter.

Hope you all had a good xmas and make sure you all have a happy and safe new year.

Take it easy out there and be safe,  lots to think about with all this snow getting blown around.

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