Blue Skies and Blisters - a tale of one man and woman’s adventures in Scotland.

 Scotland had indeed been bathing in glorious weather and we were keen to get into the bath with it and have a good old splash around.


Monday 25th Feb – I, G man and Nicola head into Glen Coe and up to Lochain, it was STUNNING! It’s been a while since I’ve seen like this, there were a few teams all mainly doing Twisting Gully and S.C. Gully; we headed for N.C. Gully, which at the time was in great condition, it was to be the team’s first winter route and lead.

 The route went in good order in 2 and a bit pitches, Nicola topped out into the sunshine, which we were all grateful for, as we had been in the shade for quite some time.



The descent went without incident and then we were back at the car, a blue sky day with more to come.

Tuesday 26th Feb - Meggy Magic, oh how I felt guilty about another blue sky day as we walked into Meggy. Could have done it with me shorts on, it was that sort of day. The place looked stunning, with many teams all heading for the same route, and the post face completely empty, crazy……..

We headed for Cinderella up in the inner corrie, quite a bit of old avo debris at the base of the route, belays were a mix of ice screws or snow belays, again Nicola and G man were doing the leading and I was mincing about.

The top out was a stunner, not a breath of wind, walked back down to the window, there quite a few snow holes just beyond the window, had lunch and slowly walked out. THANK YOU Meggy for such a fantastic day.

Wednesday27th Feb - Aonach Mor. Milder today and bit windier, anyroad got ourselves up the ab point into Easy Gully, few other teams down there, and made our way round to the Twins area. The crag was dripping quite a bit and a few uncertain teams were wandering the bottom, most of the gully lines were in the shade still so the ice/snow was in great condition. We jumped on our route, not before Nicola did a very casual ice axe arrest demo. G man lead off, was doing well until we hit the steep bit, took the hard decision to let me take over the lead, not always an easy decision to make. Also our crag booty tally increased.

Top out was straightforward; others looked a bit more spicy with the cornice action.

Thurs 28th - Now then, up to this point G man had been gritting his teeth with his blisters, which he had tried everything  to avoid, bless his little compede sox. But today they got the better of him, so we did lots of sliding around, and some very impressive ice axe arrest tumbles.

Friday 1st March - Rock climbing in the sun, dry rock, in Glen Nevis, what a day. Plus crevasse rescue reminders, The team lead a multi pitch and top roped another route.

A great week, with stunning weather, a stunning place, and great company. THANK YOU.

I spent the weekend over in the Gorms with Jo, play time, walking, climbing and biking. Good to be back in my old stomping ground and see a few fellow guides. The corries are great condition, and over the back looked good as well.

Now bear in mind folks, this is quite a dated report now and there will be more snow on the way. Check the avo forecast etc for more current updates.

I do plan to get back up there asap, but I’m back on a rope access job at Heathrow of all places. Will be heading out to the Alps around first or second week in June, booking are just starting to roll in.

Take care out there and have fun.