And in the words of the mighty Zeppelin, “leaves are falling all around time I was on my way, thanks to YOU I’m much obliged for such a perfect stay”

As you all have probably seen we had a fair bit of snow over the week, good effort to all the Ultra Trail guys and gal’s for pushing on. I’ve had a few days off which I have spent either running or bouldering. The weather has been fab - cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons, with the odd rain shower in the evening. It’s a great time of year to be here to be honest; its quieter, the air seems to have a clearer quality to it as well.

I’ve been re-visiting the boulder in the woods nearby, here in Argentiere. I was on fire the other day, nailing most of the stuff I’ve been struggling with, finding new problems and finding a few new boulders away from the main area. The runs have been, well mostly up hill, down to Vallorcine then back up the home run ski track to Col de Posettes then down from the Col de Balme, then a soak in the pool next door.


Thursday was spent on the Mer de Glace with Rob Jarvis working with a team of medical types, who wanted to get some additional skills so they could go work on expeds etc. Great day, good weather and quite busy up there. The Jorasses still look very snowy.

Friday was spent on the Traverse of the you know what (Crochues). We had it to ourselves, FANTASTIC. I let the team of Rachel, James and Ellen do their thing and stayed off the rope; lots of chatting and discussion, which meant we had a spot of pressure to get down and round to the last bin down to the valley. Suffice to say we made it with room to spare.

Not a lot has been done of late, the Blanc was done on the 6th Sept, said it was in good condition, deep snow in places, but a track getting put in, the couloir sounded as ok as well. Good luck to Mr Branson and the royals who will be heading up that way at some point.

The South Arete of the Lagginhorn was also done on the 6th Sept, again fair bit of fresh snow on it.

Looking out of the balcony the valley is looking good, clear air, sun, a few clouds, going to be a good day.

I’m packing up my things for the long drive north on Sunday evening. Would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read my blog wafflings over the summer, and to the folks who have left a thumbs up and comments, thanks also for your thoughts during the avo incident.  TO ONE AND ALL……..THANK YOU.