Well folks it’s that time of year again. What time is that I hear you say, surely not Hammer time? No definitely NO !!!!!
Back in a rain soaked Cham valley, it’s been raining now for last few days, with no sign of the mountains as such, other than a fleeting glimpse and it looks quite wintry up there. They are still posting an avalanche forecast in Chamonix guides office so well worth checking that out, especially as temperatures are due to rise over next few days and into the weekend.

I’m heading up to the Albert Prem hut on Wednesday for some skills training with Jenna and Mark. We’ll be back down on Friday so can give you all a better idea of what’s going on up there.

A word or two of congratulation go to Richie Maybank who was with me last year on a Cham Intro course. He topped out on Everest on 26th May. Well done dude, what next we wonder.

And a message to Kirky: get in touch.

So there you go another season begins, I will try and keep you updated as much as possible over the coming months.