Greeting and salutations.

As you’re about to find out, I’m not where I usually am at this time of year. I am in fact in Buxton trundling big rocks off a big cliff down Ashwood Dale, main A6 out of Buxton. It’s an ongoing rope access job, and have also been working in a huuuuuge hanger destined for the dream liner, down at Heathrow.

I have decided to take a summer away from the Alps as it would have been my 25th year in a row, and wanted to get some play time for myself. Working in Buxton has helped with this, as I’m either getting out running or on the mountain bike or, god forbid, climbing as well, visiting some of the more esoteric crags in the peak - was up on Kinder a week or so ago, climbing elephant bum shaped routes and wondering where my ability to climb had gone……..

It’s also giving me a chance to plot a trip to Alaska next year, into the Ruth gorge. There may also be a Tien Shan trip for Adventure Peak in July/August.

So folks, apologies for not providing alpine updates this year, but normal service will resume next summer and possibly next winter (more plotting).

Hope you all have a great and safe summer no matter what you’re up to, and please stay tuned, as I will be updating the blogs.

Have fun